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FEIMA electricmopeds- modern transports that combines modern technology and design, convenience and practicality, as well as energy saving and environmental protection. As of the new reforms in Uzbekistan, the issues of economic and social development of transport, increasing its convenience and demand for travel are raised.
Fangshun Engineering is ready to meet the growing demand for quality and comfortable travel, thus promoting new reforms and opening up the country's market. High-quality, high-tech, practical electric motor FEIMA plans to become the most widely used vehicle in Uzbekistan and throughout Central Asia, thus helping to solve the problem of everyday travel of millions of people.

FEIMA uses an electric battery (often supercapacitors in the latest models), or a hydrogen fuel cell, as a power source in the electric torpedo. The average time during which the battery is fully charged is 4-8 hours. The distance covered by an electric torpedo on a single charge is from 30 to 150 km.

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