Feima electric scooters for delivery services

Feima electric scooters for delivery services

Feima electric scooters for delivery services

Delivery work has become more popular than ever in our country under quarantine conditions. The work of couriers allowed many people to receive the necessary goods without leaving their own homes, and the delivery food from restaurants that worked exclusively for takeout was in particular demand.

Quarantine measures in Uzbekistan have already been weakened, but this has not reduced the number of couriers, and even vice versa. The thing is that people gradually get used to this method of shopping, because due to the fact that the suppliers move around the city mainly on two-wheeled vehicles, they are not afraid of traffic jams, and accordingly it is much easier to use their services than to go to pick up their goods themselves. In addition, the pricing policy of courier services is quite loyal, as a result of which the cost of delivery of one order is almost equivalent to the cost of a trip by your car.

Thanks to these advantages, our customers, such as the delivery service Express 24 and Tesko, have appreciated the quality and reliability of our electric scooters, as evidenced by the positive reviews of our equipment.

Along with this, the use of «Feima» eco-friendly electric vehicles for any business is an additional positive factor for perception of your brand, and, consequently, another significant competitive advantage in the market.

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